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Italian design manufacturer for hats, bags and other customizable accessories since 1903


Meucci’s family is a Florentine historical reality with more than 100 years of tradition in fashion, particurarly in the manufacturing of accessories like hats and bags.

Memar factory, established in the early years of 1900, has always put in its product the experience passed on by its founders, producing unique and creative accessories that gave importance to the Made in Italy.
The deep research of raw materials in different countries favors an excellent match between quality and price, much appreciated by large distribution stores all over the world together with luxury brands.

Today we are specialized in making prototypes for fashion shows, production of basic items as well as fancy hats and we also offer a service of hand made custom hats for VIP customers.


Thanks to our experience in the straw field and other handcrafted materials, we offer handbags’ bodies and other half-finished products for accessories like shoes (we create uppers) belts, bracelets, furniture items and small cases like party favors.


Here at Memar, we care about students!

Therefore, we collaborate with the main fashion universities in Florence, offering courses in the factory.
The class consists in:

60/90 min of introduction to fashion, Florentine straw and the company’s history.
20 min of visit to the laboratories where we will demonstrate how a hat is created.
60 min dedicated to students working and trimming their hat.

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  • Taste of Crafts al Mercato Centrale Firenze

    We will be joining the show with 3 different workshops:
    - The hat: trim it with the classic gros grain ribbon
    - Gloves: learn how to make a pompom for your gloves
    - The scarf: let’s make a leather loop to close the scarf

    Book it now, only 16 places available for each class!

    Hainan Rendez Vous Luxury Show

    Hainan Rendez Vous Luxury Show Luxury show featured in the exotic chinese island, where we’ll be exibiting customizable handcrafted products of richness and beauty beyond compare.

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